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Quilting Services

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To work out the cost of customising and personalising your quilt is straightforward.

Calculations are done with a simple formula:

  • Measure your quilt’s length and width in inches.
  • Length X Width X Rate = Cost.
  • Prices can be altered to meet your specific requirements and needs.

Additional cost will be for customer’s account with pre approval.

Extra fabric | Stabiliser | Batting | Backing | Binding fabric | Thread | Plus handling fees at 1.25%


Patchwork quilts, memory quilts, piecing and finishing off of quilt tops

Your choice of pattern and the time required to make the top of the quilt will determine the quilt’s price. The price includes all preparation to cut, stabilise and piece together the top layer of your quilt. Different levels of patchwork and of quilting used will further determine the price.

Variation on cost is between 25c to 55c per square inch.

Custom quilting and stitch in the ditch

Custom quilting and stitch in the ditch according to the level of density.

  • Low. 35c / square inch
  • Medium. 40c / square inch
  • High. 55c / square inch
Services will include joining, backing and squaring up of the quilt’s top and binding. All prices are inclusive.
Free motion Quilting
Stitch in the ditch, central designs, quilting in open spaces , border quilting and meandering
30c / square inch
Embroidery quilts
Embroidery is calculated by the number of stitches per design.

Design sourcing and digitising is for client's account.

Hand pin basting and binding service

Hand basting of layers (backing, batting and top) with pin provided.

Preparation of straight binding strips, machine stitching onto quilt with mitre corners and hand finished: R25 per running meter. To calculate this cost, measure the width and length of your quilt and use this formula:
Width + width + length + length x R25 = total cost