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A Quilters Haven
About a Quilters Haven

Erna Bekker

Where do I begin…… To tell the story of my love for colour, fabric and patterns.

I grew up with my family in Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa.

My Mom enjoyed all kinds of crafts and hobbies; looking back, I realize that she was extremely talented. She loved to knit, crochet and work with patterns and colour. She was a master in Royal Icing.

I will always remember how creative she was and how much devotion she put into whatever project she was working on. I used to enjoy keeping myself busy by playing with her colorful icing and gorgeous box of buttons. I now realise that my love for colour and my ability to see beautiful matching colours started in those very early years of watching my Mom and needing to be occupied while she meticulously completed her creations. We made fabric dresses for my paper dolls and I loved selecting the fabrics and combining them in a way that was unique and beautiful.

Is this where it all began?

I married into another very creative family, The Bekkers, with Mom Cora, at the age of 82 still creating unbelievable garments.

She still questions the way I cut up perfectly good fabric into pieces and re piece them!

My dear husband, who is willing to keep the peace by supplying me with stacks of material and threads and supporting every stitch I make, can’t be ignored. Without his support all this would not be possible.

Quilting was not one of my hobbies in those early years.

My husband inherited a real handmade quilt from his Grandma.

Without knowing, ignorantly thinking it was just an old blanket, I nursed my beloved old German Shepard Lupo to the grave in a unique handmade keepsake quilt!

What a shame and disgrace!

While raising three beautiful kids in Vanderbijlpark, I tried all kinds of different crafts.

I was introduced to a Quilters’ Home Group in 1994. I did a basic quilting course.

This is probably where it all began……or not?

This grew on me like you could not believe and I loved every moment of it.

But the time and opportunity for me to be a full-time quilter had not quite started yet.

Years later with the kids grown up, I started busying myself with all the tricks and trades of patchwork, quilting and machine embroidery. I have currently been quilting for six years full time and boy, time flies!

Making quilts for family gave me so much pleasure that I decided to move on to creating Friendship quilts. One day a neighbor walked in and saw my quilts on the beds. Admiring my artwork, she ordered her first Memory quilt. Soon I realized it is a great pleasure to make a quilt for someone who knows how much effort and time goes into a quilt. My passion for quilting grew by the day!

In March 2016 I was privileged to attend a Boot Camp in Riebeck Kasteel, Western Cape. Coached by Stephanie Geldenhuys and workshops hosted by Claire Wallace, I knew this is what I want to do till the day I die!!

My goal is to take my quilting abilities to the highest level and to constantly aim for perfection. I want to use all my initiative, creativity and devotion to create a quilting legacy in the best way I can. I aim to stitch memories into a keepsake heritage and to sew love with threads into the hearts that care.